Friday October 21, 2011

Loading at 5:45pm @ West Hall for the Women’s game vs. Robert Morris. Else, be at the Field House at 6:00pm. Email me/us if you need to have anything loaded. This game is ‘Pack the House Night III,’ whi

ch means free T-Shirts!

Saturday October 22, 2011

Rehearsal at 10am as normal. We will be going over special arrangements and timing for the football halftime show because it is reunion weekend. Sorry, no captains this week because they will be at Notre Dame.

After rehearsal, we will be loading to go to the football game. If you will not be at either rehearsal or football but will be at the women’s game, please email me. After we unload at ECAV, you will be free to go to “Fan Fest” outside of ECAV. There will be free food and activities. We will be going onto the field at half time to play/sing the alma matter with a bunch of alum and President Jackson.

After football, we will be going straight to the HFH for the women’s game, again against Robert Morris. Be at the field house at 3:30pm if you are not coming to the football game.

See you all there!