With the men’s loss at Union, the hockey season is now at an end. But even as the season has come to a close, the band continues to get support. The quote below is what I can remember of a comment made by a Union fan just before game 2:
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ote>You guys are great! You are the best band currently in the building, and the best band which ever travels to Union. When you gave that puck to the girl last night, that was a class act. As for tonight, I hope you go home pr

oud of yourselves, although dissapointed.

Our response was thank you, and we hope to see you tomorrow! Needless to say, we did not see him on Sunday. In addition to this man’s comments, the band also received this (via Zach) from Denise Curadi, mother of freshman D Luke Curadi:

As a token of appreciation, the Men’s Hockey Parents have arranged for you to have a Band DP Dough Party. […] [M]any, MANY thanks for being there for the boys. […] All the Very Best!!!”

Needless to say, we will be having a calzone party. Have a great break all!