About the Band

The RPI Pep Band is a completely student-owned and operated organization operating under theĀ Rensselaer Union in Troy, NY. In simplest terms, we’re a group of people who love to play our instruments and love spreading school spirit at Football, Men’s Hockey, and Women’s Hockey games, both home and – on occasion – away.

We are also known as America’s Pep Band. Why the name? Well, rumor has it that at some time in the early eighties Sports Illustrated did an article on college pep bands and called us “the most spirited band in America.” If you can find a copy of this article please let us know because we haven’t yet managed to.

However, that is not to say that we are not nationally known. Ha, Ha! Far from it. Back in ’85 when the Engineers won the whole freakin’ NCAA championship, the one and only Sports Illustrated stated that the band “played Rock Around the Clock more times than Bill Haley and the Comets ever did.” (We have this article so we can prove it!)

Anyway, for more of the band’s illustrious history, see the history page. To learn more about our current officers, becoming a member, and how to run for an officer position, navigate the links above.