The RPI Pep Band is a completely student-run organization that operates under the Rensselaer Union. As a whole, we are a group of students who love to play instruments and share our energy with our surroundings. The Pep Band closely follows the RPI Football and Ice Hockey teams, and will occasionally travel to cheer them on wherever they go. We also enjoy giving back to the community around us, by performing at local events such as fundraisers and marathons.

We are often asked, “Why are you called America’s Pep Band?” Well, rumor has it that at some time in the early eighties, Sports Illustrated did an article on college pep bands and called us “the most spirited band in America.” Why? For following our Men’s Hockey team all over the nation during their play-offs. (A note from the band: If you can find a copy of this article, please let us know because we haven’t yet managed to!) However, we do have the article in which Sports Illustrated stated that the band “played Rock Around the Clock more times than Bill Haley and the Comets ever did”, back in ’85 when the Engineers won the NCAA championship.

For more information about the band, feel free to learn about our history and current events under the About the Band tab!