For Alumni

Visit the Pep Band Alumni website at!

An email list for all pepband alumni has recently been created, for information about this list keep reading this page, or simply go here. To subscribe to the list, send an email here.

Introduction To The List

The purpose of this group is to allow pep band alumni to reconnect with each other and keep track of the goings on at RPI. We will also be trying to coordinate events for pep band alums. Initially these will focus around Freakout and the Union football game. As membership and interest increases, perhaps we can work with reunion weekend and the satellite games as well. The list is maintained by Christopher Farrar ’00 and Terry Kaseta ’96 & ’02.

Usage of the list is up to the members. Feel free to send messages as the list is not moderated. However, please be considerate when sending messages. Some ground rules include no spam or mass-forwards, respect peoples opinions even if you disagree with them, and try to be succinct. Also, feel free to use the special features of the list’s website, including the photos, polls, and chat room. Information on how to use these features is available on the site, and Chris will provide walkthroughs for those who would like them. Keep in mind that in order to use these features you will need a Yahoo ID.

A Call For Members

In order for the list to grow, we need your help. If you know how to reach any other band alums, please let them know about the new list. To subscribe, they just have to send an e-mail to Any help is appreciated, and the more the merrier.

What To Talk About?

As the list is just getting started, we will be sending out quarterly newsletters (along with occasional updates) with information on upcoming events, RPI athletics, and whats going on with our members. Wed like your opinions on what else should be included. Do you want to hear about RPI alumni in the pros? Do you want to hear about whats going on with the student union? Do you want more frequent updates? Just about anything is open for inclusion. Please send content suggestions to, and we’ll take them and set up a poll to decide what will be included.