Officers for the 2018-2019 Season


Lisa Sulmasy is a Mechanical Engineer from the class of 2021. In the Pep Band, she plays the flute, in addition to her management position. At RPI, she also serves on the Class of 2021 Council and participates in the LEAP leadership program. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and editing the Pep Band Website.

Aidden Arel is a Civil Engineer from the class of 2020. In the Pep Band, he plays the bari sax, in addition to his management position. At RPI, Aidden participates in the Army ROTC program. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and long walks on the beach.


Chris Reed is a Computer Science major from the class of 2021. When he isn't conducting, he plays the trombone in the Pep Band. In addition to Pep Band, Chris is an active member of his fraternity, where he often participates in community service outreach. In his free time, Chris enjoys volunteering at food pantries and playing Super Smash Bros. with friends.

James Milne is a Computer Science / Math dual major from the class of 2020. When he isn't conducting, James enjoys playing the trumpet. He also participates in the RPI Symphonic Band. In his free time, James likes to help code the YACS program for class registration and spend time with friends.

Public Relations

Liv Williams is a Materials Science Engineering major from the class of 2019. In addition to being our Public Relations Chair, she also plays the trombone in Pep Band and Trombone Choir. When she isn't at Pep Band, Liv participates in the Material Advantage outreach program, is one of the Properties Managers for the Rensselaer Music Association, and works at the Rensselaer Clubhouse Pub inside the Union. In her free time, Liv enjoys hanging out with friends and watching Survivor.


Benjamin Longchamp is a Civil Engineer from the class of 2021. In addition to being the Treasurer of the Pep Band, Ben plays the trombone in Pep Band. In other bands on campus, however, Ben plays a multitude of instruments, including Tuba and Bass Guitar. In his free time, Ben enjoys serving on the Class of 2021 Council and participating in the RPI Steel Bridge Club.