Men’s Quarterfinals v. Union

The band will be performing at the games this weekend when RPI faces Union in the ECAC quarterfinals. The games will be played at Union, which makes travel very easy. The series is a best of 3.

We will be leaving West Hall at 5:15 for Union. The band will pay for the gas for travel between RPI and Union.

Spring break starts this Friday, and we understand that many people will be going home for the break. But if you can stay in town for the series, we will be happy to have you play! Let’s show Messa Rink and Union College the power of America’s Pep Band! LETS GO RED!

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Road Trip Time

Unfortunately, there are no more home games left this calendar year, but we are going on two road trips! The first one leaves 12/2/2011 at 12:30 from West Hall to follow the women to Clarkson and SLU; the second leaves West at 10:0

0am on 12/10/

2011 for Lake Placid for the men’s game vs. Union. Please respond to the invites if you have gotten one.

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Weekend of 11/18

This weekend we have the best team in women’s hockey coming to RPI. This is the last home weekend for the Engineers this calendar year.


5:45 loading, 6:00 at the Field House. If you need something packed, email back to that effect.


10:00am rehearsal in West Hall 326. We may have the captains from the men’s team come. A follow up email if they are will be sent out.

2:45pm loading for Women’s hockey. 3:00 at HFH. Again, email if you need something loaded.


PEPGIVING! Come on over at 1:00pm to Union 3202. Lots of food and turkey! If you have not RSVP’d yet, please do so.

Amy and Alan

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Weekend of 10/28 through 10/29

So this weekend is the weekend to end all weekends (besides FREAKOUT and partially Black Friday 11/11/11).


Women’s Game puck drop at 3:00pm. As many people have class, it will be difficult to have a band ready for

pregame. One officer will be down at west at 2:30 to open everything up. Else, be at the Field House at 3:00.

M. Hockey v. Colorado College (#3 in the nation): Loading at 5:45pm, be at the HFH at 6:00pm.


NO REHEARSAL! Save your chops for the games.

Football v. Union (Dutchmen’s Shoes Game): Meet at West Hall at 12:15. Please respond to the email if you would like to attend. ESPECIALLY respond if you have a car (with how many people you can take). The band reimburses the gas. Depending on the response we get from this email, we may not go to Union because due to transportation issues or lack of players. We will confirm on Friday.

If we do not go to the Union game, we will definitely be going to the women’s game. Puck drop is at 3:00pm. While we understand there is a concert occurring during this time, please come to the HFH when you are done to support the women on their ECAC opening weekend. If we do go to football, we will go straight from football to the women’s game. Again, more details on Friday.

M. Hockey v. CC (still #3). We will be loading at West Hall at 5:45pm. This is non-debatable. 6:00 at the Field House.

Other notes:

  • Rugbies are scheduled to arrive on Monday, but we are trying to get them here for Friday.


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New Site Goes Online

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